Worm Control with Panacur

Planned worm control with Panacur® Bolus saves money. Waiting until clinical signs are seen in youngstock – such as weight loss, scours and dehydration – means that production losses are already stacking up. 

Higher rainfall in recent years has provided ideal breeding conditions for gut parasites. Numbers have, therefore, reached higher peak numbers and been maintained for longer. Consequently, it is well worth reviewing worm control for the new season and ensuring that a cost-effective product like Panacur® Bolus – with long term efficacy – is used.

Continuous action from the slow-release of active ingredient in Panacur® Bolus, fenbendazole, kills all major stomach worms and lungworm. It is effective for 140 days and prevents the build-up of infectious larvae on grazing at turnout. Poorer growth rates and bodyweight losses mean that in replacement heifers, puberty and age at first calving are delayed.

In beef cattle, it takes more feed to achieve target weight gains and more days to finishing. But trials have shown that grazing stock protected by Panacur Bolus deliver impressive weight gains. And one bolus makes worming less labour intensive than two pour-on applications.

Panacur® – The Most Cost-Effective Bolus

  • For cattle from 100kg to 300kg Panacur Bolus is the most cost-effective bolus available 

Product Information

  • The unique formulation and design of Panacur® Bolus does not interfere with the development of immunity to lungworm throughout the grazing season
  • Kills all common roundworms
  • Controls worms for up to 140 days from a single treatment at turnout – saving on labour and handling
  • Pour-on wormers do not protect cattle for the duration of the grazing season in a single application – they need to be re-applied at set times

For more information please contact your in store SQP or Animal Health Speciailist


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