Treat For Fluke This Summer

In order to maintain adequate growth rates throughout the grazing season, and to reduce the risk of chronic disease going into the peak risk period of winter,treatments should be included in a strategic liver fluke control program for at-risk cattle duringClosamectin Pour Ong the summer grazing season.

At turnout in areas where liver fluke is an issue, cattle are likely to be immediately exposed to relatively high levels of infective stages of liver fluke which will have survived over the winter, becoming heavily infected by mid-summer. Treatment with Closamectin Pour On 8 to 12 weeks after turnout will kill fluke that are present as a result of infective stages ingested immediately following turnout, which will affect productivity during the grazing season. Treatment at this time will also help to reduce reinfection of pasture by eggs from ongoing fluke infections, thus reducing the risk of liver fluke disease in the late autumn/early winter .

In terms of pasture contamination and epidemiological effect, closantel has been shown to have potency comparable with that of triclabendazole, despite its lower efficacy against the very immature stages. This is due to its stunting effect on immature fluke which significantly affects the egg laying capacity of the fluke as adults.

Closamectin Pour On is the stress free and effective way to treat fluke and worms this summer to ensure maximum productivity, and to reduce the threat of disease going into the peak risk period later in the year.

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