The Cost of Ewe Concentrate Feeding

The EweMaster™ range of concentrate feeds, pre- and post lambing, is available exclusively from Wynnstay, ensure your ewes get the best possible concentrate to maximize profitability.

4 million lambs are lost in the period just pre-lambing to a few days of age, costing the industry an estimated £120 million per annum, 55% of which are due to poor ewe feeding. The message is very clear – sheep farmers should feed the best possible ewe concentrate pre- and post – lambing to maximise profitability. The lowest cost product will simply not do.


The MLC sheep yearbook shows an average annual concentrate usage of around 50kg per ewe. £20/tonne difference in the cost of concentrates is equivalent to £1.00/ewe. For an additional outlay of only £1.00/ewe significant improvements in aspects of health and productivity of ewes and lambs can be expected. These will be seen in the four basic and essential factors of profitable lamb production.

Lamb Weight & Colostrum

Well fed ewes produce lambs that are 1.5kg heavier at birth and produce over 1 litre more colostrum.

1. Healthy ewes produce healthy lambs

Avoiding pregnancy toxaemia due to energy deficiency
Avoid hypocalcaemia due to an imbalance of calcium and magnesium
Well fed ewes produce more colostrum and milk
Ewes need sound feet and udders for optimum lamb rearing

2. Strong lambs have more ‘get-up-and-go’ for better survivability and growth

Larger lambs at birth have lower mortality and better growth rates
Strong lambs are better able to avoid hypothermia through immediately available body reserves
as brown adipose tissue and subsequent ability to shiver
Strong lambs can stand and suckle earlier after birth

3. Immediate access to quality colostrum, improving:

Survival in the face of hypothermia
Immunity to disease passed from the ewe to the lamb

4. Plentiful ewe milk supply, to improve lamb growth rate

EnergyDecrease in appetite against lamb growth

Energy is the first limiting and therefore most critical nutrient for ewes. In the last 6 weeks pre-lambing, 75% of lamb growth occurs, doubling the demand for energy. As lambing approaches, there is a 30% decrease in appetite, as the developing lamb(s) restrict stomach size and capacity.

ewes feeding in winterTowards lambing it is practically impossible to supply the full energy requirement whilst supplying dietary fibre to maintain healthy rumen function.



EweMaster™ Sheep Feeds

Features and Benefits

● Contain high levels of protein and use high quality protein sources thus encouraging the ewe to milk off her back to maximise milk production, improving lamb growth.Ewemaster Sheep
● Quality, high energy concentrates with a spread of raw materials including a balance of starch sugars, digestible fibre and fat, enabling healthy rumen function.
● Contain optimum levels of Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium to avoid hypocalcaemia
● Contain a unique Vitamin and Trace element supplement including generous levels of:-

Cobalt – associated with lambs standing and suckling earlier
Iodine – required for the production of active brown adipose tissue which provides energy for shivering (in newborn lambs, 30% of heat generation comes from brown fat)
Zinc – active in immunity against disease and essential in the production of Keratin, affecting both udder and foot health
Zinc Methionate – well proven to be more effective than all other sources of Zinc
Vitamin E & Sel-Plex® Selenium – essential for lamb vigour, survivability and immunity to disease.

For more recommendations on feeding ewe’s and lambing health contact our Lambing Specialists.

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