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The new Android App, developed by StockTrace, was showcased at the Wynnstay Sheep and Beef Event at Welshpool on 14th August and received great acclaim. 

The StockTrace App combines the power of their Linx software with the flexibility of a mobile App. It works witstocktrace logoh all the best Bluetooth EID readers and makes flock and herd management both easy and very affordable. In the Sheep and Beef industry, where price instability seems never ending, maximising animal performance is an essential ingredient for survival.

The intelligent StockTrace Android App provides an innovative and practical approach to livestock management, no matter what type of enterprise – pedigree, commercial or finishing.

Technology and data are key components in today’s battle to get more from less and the App brings all the power of the StockTrace Linx software straight to the farm yard. A key design feature has been to enable farmers to get all the benefits of “auto drafting” at a fraction of the cost. Using a specially designed stand, your device can be mounted on any race with any weigh head and used with any EID stick reader. This allows the operator complete freedom of movement while weighing, grading and drafting animals. Above all there is no need for expensive EID panel readers.
Weights can be added either manually or automatically, depending on the scales. The App automatically shows “old weight”, “new weight” and calculates DLWG instantly for immediate decision making. Livestock data is recorded quickly and then easily transferred to the StockTrace Linx software by WIFI. Information is securely held in the cloud for easy access anywhere.

Welsh farmer Tom Jones has trialed the combination of the App and stick reading system on his flock: “For many farmers there is an underlying concern that in adopting EID you will be parting witstocktrace image1h lots of money! This is not necessarily the case and I have found that the benefits of integrating its use into my business have been far reaching. StockTrace has gone the extra mile and has developed a cost-effective reading system that works extremely successfully with the new Android App. Having trialed the system it allows you to quickly weigh large numbers of animals, with their data instantly to hand, enabling production decisions to be made on the spot. This saves you valuable time and money. I can also select my breeding stock on the basis of gradings and birthing performance.”

The new App has valuable extra features such as adding individuastocktrace2l notes on animals, recording a “cull” notification which appears each time the animal is read and the ability to add gradings while weighing. Overall, best practice in EID use in New Zealand is now available here in the UK!

Angus Stormonth Darling, Managing Director of StockTrace said: “Trends in the livestock industry show increasing volatility and price instability so farmers must do everything they can to improve margins. New technology, if applied intelligently, can help improve farm outcomes and refine animal performance at a really sensible and cost effective price. Our App and software is flexible enough to allow individual farmers to use EID for their specific needs. The App is capable of operation with any standard livestock handling system. It is easy to use with clear simple steps and all of our products are supported by the expertise of our technical team.” Efficiency gains through data integration are the key to improved profits.

StockTrace App Menu:

Clear, comprehensive session menu on the new StockTrace App. If “Find Animal” is then chosen, an individ
ual history is shown with:

  1. Withdrawal Dates (if applicable)
  2. Individual Notes
  3. Last Weight
  4. Past Gradings/Birthing Records
  5. Antibiotic Use
  6. Cull Notification Applied
Sheep Read System:

StockTrace App is mounted with Eziweigh 7 and XRS stick reader on three way manual drafter, allowing operator complete freedom of movement. The EID is read as the animal enters, or stick reader can be pulled down on automatic recoil.

Easy Sheep Reading:

As sheep enter the drafter, both EID and settled weight are transmitted to the App.

StockTrace App Weigh Screen Showing:
  1. Ability to add “non read” if EID chip lost
  2. Stimultaneous option to add Grading/Condition Score
  3. Old Weight (25kg)
  4. New Weight (31kg)
  5. DLWG (166.7g) allowing decision on drafting to be made
Shedding Lists:

Shedding lists on the StockTrace App give both gate numbers (if you want to upload to Auto drafters) but also very easy to see coloured screens for manual drafting. In effect, you’re getting all the benefits of automated drafting WITHOUT the cost!

IN SUMMARY, the StockTrace App is extremely easy to use and is capable of replicating everything a Psion Datalogger or autodrafter can do… At a fraction of the cost!!

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