Reducing Costs of Sheep Lameness

5 Point Plan

Implement the 5 point plan on your flock

Lameness can pose huge economic losses to your flock. Wynnstay can provide you with the advice that you need in order to reduce lameness.

The drier late summer months are a good time to implement a flock lameness reduction programme and slash the costs of this debilitating disease. The estimated losses from footrot alone equate to around £6 a year for every ewe in Great Britain(1).

Reducing Costs of Sheep Lameness

Use of the unique FOOTVAX™ vaccine as part of the industry supported five-point lameness reduction plan can help cut these costs. The five-point plan builds flock resilience to disease, reduces the infection challenge on the farm and establishes immunity. The result is a significant reduction in the number of lame sheep on the farm.

Vaccination with FOOTVAX™ is an aid to preventing lameness in a flock by stimulating immunity to (and reducingFootvax_range_low_res lesions caused by) Dichelobacter nodosus, the bacteria causing footrot. Vaccination should be on a whole flock basis and timed to coincide with times of high disease risk on the farm.


(1) EBLEX. Sheep industry lameness campaign leaflet (2014).

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