Grass Watch 13th June 2016

Grass Watch report for 13th June 2016

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Grass growth has continued to fall, dropping to an average this week of 65kg DM/ha/day, down 14kg DM/ha/day from last week.

Monitoring grass supply closely continues to be important to ensure potential shortfalls are identified as early as possible and adjustments to the rotation and supplementation can be made.

However, at present grazing availability is holding up and predicted milk yield from grazing has stayed similar to last week at M+ 14.9 litres.

This is associated with similar dry matter (18.6%) and ME (11.6 MJ/kg DM) but the average crude protein content of the grass samples this week has increased from 20.77% last week to 22.10%, this is slightly higher than the 6 year average of 21.27%.

The temperature and humidity index has increased this week to 71, this is on the borderline of high stress. If the current temperatures and humidity levels continue there is the potential to impact on aspects such as DMI, fertility and milk constituents.

Interestingly the higher heat stress value may be a factor in an increasingly reported issue on some farms where higher milk freezing point depression values (values closer to 0oc) are leading to milk rejection on the grounds of ‘water’ addition.

This can be a particular problem with cows at grazing that have a limited access to water causing dehydration, and then rapidly rehydrating when water access becomes available.

Summary by Steve Brown, Report Supplied by Trouw Nutrition

Download Full Report: Grass Watch 230616

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