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Lleyn Sheep 

Farmers who give their ewes a trace element bolus a month before tupping are achieving tighter lambing periods.

Selenium, cobalt, iodine and copper are all production limiters if not supplemented properly.

In flocks with shortfalls of these elements the lambing period can go on and on but bolusing with the Tracesure® range of boluses will help. Tracesure® Traffic Lights not only tightens up lambing dates but it will also help ewes get more of their protein and energy requirements naturally from pasture.

“The potential in good quality forage is terrific, by balancing it with a Tracesure® bolus instead of feeding concentrates the same or better performance can be achieved,’’ said Aled Davies, deputy managing director at Animax Ltd. “It will help to increase dry matter intakes and balance selenium, copper, colbalt and iodine.”

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