Early blowfly prevention is essential for peace of mind…

Blowfly is the main external parasite traditionally affecting sheep in the late spring and summer months. Changing weather patterns have resulted in an increasingly unpredictable and lengthening season: it is now not uncommon to hear of strike as early as February and as late as November.

If untreated, strike can get out of control very quickly and can kill or adversely affect the welfare of infested sheep. In conducive conditions – warm, wet weather – blowfly eggs can hatch within 12 hours and larvae can develop into fully grown maggots within days. Blowfly strike is not only a major welfare issue for sheep. Treatment – involving catching sheep and applying treatments – takes time and effort and is a stressful, unpleasant task that all farmers would rather avoid.

Blowfly Infographic

Use a preventative product such as CLiK®, CLiKZiN® or new CLiK® EXTRA for full fleece protection* and peace of mind from the worry of blowfly strike. CLiK, CLiK EXTRA 5LCLiKZiN and CLiK EXTRA are insect growth regulators and work by stopping larvae from developing into the harmful second and third stage maggots which are responsible for fly strike. CLiK® EXTRA launched in March 2017 and has the longest protection on the market at 19 weeks.

*Spreads to areas covered by fleece, other areas may not be protected, including the feet.


For more information please contact your in-store SQP or Animal Health Specialist. To find you local store visit www.wynnstayagriculture.co.uk

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