Angela Barraclough of Gatelands Farm

Feed regime a success at Gatelands Farm

Gatelands Farm, near Penrith, is owned and farmed by Andrew and Angela Barraclough and their two children James and Alysha.

It is a 300-acre farm and the business is comprised of 150 milking cows and replacements. In addition to the milk business the family also rears veal calves and fattens cattle for Lake District Farmers, which supplies the best restaurants in London. Most recently its veal has featured in the final of the Great British Menu!

Ad-lib Feeding – Colostrum

Colostrum is often described as ‘liquid gold’ as the fuel for life. One secret to rearing healthy lambs, and for future production, is to make sure each lamb receives enough colostrum. Ad-lib feeding can often see lambs perform and grow better than they would had they been left on their mothers.

Colostrum Management – Fuel of Life

Colostrum is the first feed for the newborn lamb and the key to survival. It’s a highly nutritious energy source which helps the lamb to maintain body temperature and survive; it also contains antibodies which are vital to help protect the newborn lamb against disease. Feeding sufficient good quality colostrum immediately after birth will reduce losses from both hypothermia and disease. It’s critical to carefully feed your in-lamb ewes in order to stimulate the production of quality colostrum and ensure lambs get the best start in life.

Wynnstay Turbo Start

As part of our ongoing research to ensure that our customers get the best returns from their calves we are introducing a new milk powder – Wynngold Turbo Start


protein      Turbo Start is a high quality calf milk powder designed to give your calves the best possible start in life. Turbo Start has been specially formulated to comply with the ‘LifeStart’ concept. Based on previous and ongoing research into how to get calves growing quickly and healthily, this concept is one that we feel can allow you to finish your calves faster than standard milk powders. Alongside specific management protocols, this milk can help you achieve your goal of raising  profitable animals; maximising the return on your investment.
Turbo Start is a highly digestible whey based milk powder with excellent levels of oil needed to supply your calves with essential energy. This milk powder also has the additional benefits of high levels of Vitamin E to support immune function along with Greenline, a synergetic blend of ingredients designed to support optimum health and animal performance.

Specifically designed to be fed as part of an accelerated growth feeding program with a delicately balanced amino acid profile, this milk will allow you to safely feed at higher rates. Turbo Start is the perfect choice for anybody looking to unleash the genetic potential of their future herd.

For further information regarding this new milk powder, please speak to your Wynnstay representative or local Wynnstay country store.

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