Beef Steers on Kale

Beef Steers on Kale

Beef cattle eating Kale

A trial investigating the production of bolused beef steers grazing grass and kale has demonstrated that trace element supplementation allows livestock to maximise the energy and protein in these crops.

Trail Results:

The trial involved beef steers in New Zealand and the results are significant.

For the first 65 days after the bolus was administered, cattle grazed daily breaks of kale (cv Sovereign) at an allowance of 3.5kg DM/100kg Lwt with an additional 2kg of ryegrass silage. For the next 42 days, the cattle were rotationally grazed and allocated pasture. Cattle were weighed fortnightly.

Steers bolused with Tracesure®-I and Copasure® achieved considerably more daily liveweight gain than untreated cattle in the group. By day 107 the weight difference between the two groups was 19kg,a significant increase.

A report on the trial, published by Judson et al, calculated that this represented a £20.21 ($40) return on a £5.05 ($10) investment. “Given a finishing period from 220kg to 550kg of 450 days, this might represent a difference of 58kg over a total finishing period,’’ the report stated.

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