Wynnstay, Supporting the Needs of Farmers….

At Wynnstay we believe that doing business with our customers goes beyond just selling products, we pride ourselves on developing specialist within the Wynnstay Group that can help your business develop and grow.

We offer a range of technical services to our customers at no additional cost, for more information on these services please contact us.

Services include:

Silage Analysis

Our Forage experts will conduct a detailed analysis of your grass-silage, maize-silage, wholecrops and fresh grass using the latest Near Infra-red (NIR) technology. This analysis provides a guide on how good your forage is and where it can be improved. We also offer a Forage Mineral Analysis which measures the levels of 16 macro-elements and related mineral parameters. In turn this analysis can help avoid having to add supplementation.

Fertiliser Advice

Our FACTS qualified specialists have been trained to offer assistance and guidance with your nutrient planning. Through the following areas they can ensure that you are getting the best from your fertiliser.

  • Encompass – A fertiliser recommendation program for the whole farm.
  • N-Min – Soil testing for Nitrogen reserves and availability.
  • Soil Analysis – A range of soil testing that covers all major and minor nutrients.
  • Tissue Analysis – The tissue analysis provides a snap shot of the health of the crop.
  • pH Testing – A simple test to look at the acidity of your soil, and how it can be improved.

Animal Health Protocols

Trained animal health representatives can ensure that you have an effective animal health plan in place to maximise the performance of your livestock. Our specialists can offer specific herd plans to help you obtain the best from your herd for now and the future.

Youngstock Management and Advice

If you are looking for advice on all aspects of youngstock including milk powders, housing and equipment, we have an in-house team of experts to guide and offer advice on the best practices as well as the most suitable products.

Nutrition Management Service

Wynnstay’s Nutrition Management Services provides a comprehensive assessment of a number of aspect that contribute to livestock health. Our specialists will look at feeding space, diet presentation, comfort, health, budgets, light, water and transition management. The final aim is to boost output from all inputs, whilst closing and exceeding the gap between actual and planned performance.

Agronomy Services

Wynnstay’s Agronomist specialise in on-farm, crop protection advice on all arable and forage crops to ensure efficient and targeted inputs produce optimal returns. Our specialists are listed on the BASIS Professional Register and any advice given is inline with the crop assurance schemes.

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