Ewe and Lamb Nutrition – Availa® Zinc

Trace Minerals Essential To Ewe Nutrition

Trace minerals play a vital role in animal nutrition, impacting numerous metabolic functions including growth and development, reproduction and immunity. In addition, research shows that the negative effects of stress are decreased when animals have proper trace mineral status. Providing adequate nutrients for the ewe during late gestation is critical.

Milk production, wool quality and lamb growth are all potentially affected by the nutrient intake of the ewe during late gestation. Trace mineral status of the mother has been shown to be important for foetal development and subsequent performance of the mother and her offspring following birth.

Key Benefits:

  • Birth Scores – Feeding zinc from Availa-Zn creates a stronger ewe (easier births) that decreases stress on the lambs during the birthing process. This results in fitter and stronger lambs.
  • Stronger Immune Response – Lambs from ewes supplemented with zinc from Availa-Zn have a more competent immune system. White blood cell (lymphocyte) functionality was greater in lambs from ewes fed zinc from Availa-Zn. This gave lambs better protection against disease challenges.
  • Average Daily Gain – The addition of zinc from Availa-Zn results in greater daily live weight gain through the first 10 weeks of life. Stronger, healthier ewes produced lambs that were 4.35 kg heavier at the end of a ten week trial period.
  • Improving Mineral Status – Improving mineral status of the ewe also improves the mineral status of her lambs. The quality of colostrum consumed by a lamb greatly impacts survivability. The IgG improvement in colostrum feeding zinc from Availa-Zn has been demonstrated across ruminant species.
  • Dry Matter Intake – Zinc from Availa-Zn begins its effect at the lining of the gut. The main benefit allows more nutrients to be translated into productive function, resulting in higher milk production and better lamb growth.
  • Milk Production – Ewes with higher DMI and more competent immune systems are able to partition more energy into milk production. Ewes fed zinc from Availa-Zn produced 3.7 litres more milk in the first four weeks postlambing.
  • Sustained Growth Advantage – Lambs whose mothers were supplemented with zinc from Availa-Zn grew quicker and this benefit was sustained throughout a 17 week trial period.

EweMaster® Sheep Feeds

The EweMaster™ range of concentrate feeds, pre- and post lambing, is available exclusively from Wynnstay, ensure your ewes get the best possible concentrate to maximize profitability.

Four million lambs are lost in the period just pre-lambing to a few days of age, costing the industry an estimated £120 million per annum, 55% of which are due to poor ewe feeding. The message is very clear – sheep farmers should feed the best possible ewe concentrate pre- and post – lambing to maximise profitability. The lowest cost product will simply not do.

The Cost Of Ewe Concentrate Feeding

The MLC sheep yearbook shows an average annual concentrate usage of around 50kg per ewe. £20/tonne difference in the cost of concentrates is equivalent to £1.00/ewe. For an additional outlay of only £1.00/ewe significant improvements in aspects of health and productivity of ewes and lambs can be expected. These will be seen in the four basic and essential factors of profitable lamb production.

Well fed ewes product lambs that are 1.5kg heavier at birth and produce over 1 litre more colostrum.


Energy is the first limiting and therefore most critical nutrient for ewes. In the last 6 weeks prelambing, 75% of lamb growth occurs, doubling the demand for energy. As lambing approaches, there is a 30% decrease in appetite, as the developing lamb(s) restrict stomach size and capacity.

Towards lambing it is practically impossible to supply the full energy requirement whilst supplying dietary fibre to maintain healthy rumen function.

Ewemaster feeds available are:

EweMaster™ Supreme 19
EweMaster™ Premium 18
EweMaster™ Gold 19
EweMaster™ 33

Ewe Reviva

Ewe Reviva is an energy drink to revive freshly lambed ewes.

  • Rich in calcium, vitamins and energy
  • Tested and proven to be highly palatable
  • Easy to prepare
  • Rapid recovery
  • Higher roughage intake
  • Fast start of lactation after lambing
  • Resistance and vitality
  • Lamb growth may be increased

Available in 1KG sachets and 10KG buckets

Sheep Feeds – Rams

Ram Master Coarse Mix

Sheep Feeds – Lamb

LambMaster™ Lamb Feeds

The LambMaster™ range of compound feeds and Wynngold™ ewe milk replacers available exclusively from Wynnstay, ensure your lambs get
off to the best start possible and finish profitably.

All Wynnstay feed products are supported by our technical, sales and marketing teams whose aim is to help you maximise the health and performance of your lambs.

The LambMaster™ range consists of four feed varieties:

  • LambMaster™ GOLD PELLETS – A 19% protein, ultra high energy, high quality protein lamb feed, designed to be fed ad lib from one week of age to slaughter. Suited to fast growing indoor lambs.
  • LambMaster™ PREMIUM PELLETS – An 18% protein, high energy lamb feed designed for creep feeding or for feeding from three days of age to slaughter.
  • LambMaster™ SUPREME PELLETS – A high quality 18% protein lamb feed, designed for traditional systems. LambMaster™ Supreme is designed for feeding from one week of age or as a store lamb growing diet before finishing on LambMaster™ Finisher
  • LambMaster™ FINISHER PELLETS/NUTS – A specialist, high energy, high starch 16% protein lamb feed, designed for feeding ad-lib on high performance finishing systems or to store lambs alongside roots or brassicas.

Creep Feeding

The value of creep feeding for early lambs to achieve rapid growth rates and catch the lucrative early market is well proven. Creep fed lambs will potentially grow more than 3 times faster than non-creep fed lambs. In wet and cold late springs, some creep feeding will be invaluable for lamb survival.

Intensive Early Lamb Production

Usually for December/January lambing flocks who wish to finish lambs at peak of spring price rise. Lambs can be weaned at 6 weeks and remain indoors or turned out with the ewes and fed pellets until finished. Provide a well-lit, clean, creep area to encourage lambs to creep feed.
Provide dry bedding, good ventilation and fresh water at all times. Offer LambMaster™ Premium or LambMaster™ Gold pellets gradually, over a period of 7 days and then ad libitum.

  • Typical DLWG 350-420 g/hd/day
  • Finish in 12-14 weeks from birth
  • FCR 3.5 – 4:1

Store Lamb Finishing – Concentrates

All lamb breeds are used on this system where lambs are finished on a rising price, usually in the New Year. Aim for 0.75sq.mtr lying area and 0.3mtr trough space/lamb. Allow a maximum of 40 lambs/pen, with dry bedding. Good ventilation and adequate lighting. Provide fresh water
at all times. It is advisable to vaccinate for clostridial diseases and pasteurella before housing. Gradually introduce LambMaster™ Supreme or LambMaster™ Finisher pellets over a period of 7 days, then feed ad lib, ensuring availability at all times. If lambs are not bedded on straw, 100g/hd/day of hay should be available.

  • Typical DLWG of 150-250g/hd/day
  • Finish in 10 days to 6 weeks from housing
  • FCR 5:1 – 7:1

Wynngold Lamlac – EWE MILK REPLACER

Wynngold Lamlac is available as instant or freeflow forms for easy mixing even when cold. It contains Vitamin A 30,000 iu/kg, Vitamin D3 6,000 iu/kh, Vitamin E 100 iu/kg, Copper 3mg/kg (nil added)’ Protein 24%, Oil 24%, Ash 7%, Fibre 0%.

Features and Benefits

  • Concentrated milk protein Highly digestible for faster lamb growth
  • Ultrafiltrated milk protein Delivers natural health protection with less risk of nutritional upsets
  • Suits all rearing systems Wynngold Lamlac can be used in bucket or machine feeding systems
  • Complete feed Provides all nutrients required by the lamb
  • Stays fresh Stays fresh for 24 hours, so excellent in ad-lib situations
  • Outstanding results Trials show 0.3kg/day LWG

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