To capitalise on early feed efficiency, it is critical that you provide your calves with the best nutrition. Wynnstay Feeds have a superb range of specifically designed milk powders to suit your rearing needs. To provide your calf with the complete nutrition package we have specific calf starters created to support rumen development and optimum growth.

Colostrum Feeding

The performance of calves on Wynngold™ milk powders will be boosted significantly if they have received adequate quantities of high quality colostrum.

  • When a calf is born, it has no antibodies to fight disease and it is highly vulnerable to infection
  • Newborn calves need at least 10% of their body weight in high quality colostrum within 6 hours of birth – ideally from the first milk. A 40kg calf will require at least 4 litres of milk
  • We sell a range of specific colostrum bags that allow for faster thawing
  • Keep a supply of frozen colostrum to defrost and feed in case none is available at the time of birth
  • Make sure the calf has at least 4 colostrum feeds before transitioning to milk powder

Calf Milks

You should consider testing the quality of your colostrum using a colostrometer or colostrum management kit. Once animals have received the right amount of good quality colostrum, it is important to choose a good quality milk powder to ensure you maximise the performance of your calves:

Prime Beef Milk Powder

 Developed specifically for todays’ progressive beef farmer, Prime Beef is the perfect milk powder ensuring your calves achieve
excellent frame growth and muscle development, a critical factor in gaining those all-important daily live weight gains.

The high vitamin E levels that can be found in this milk will also support the calf’s immune system helping to keep them fit and healthy.

Prime Beef is suitable for automatic calf feeding machines and all teat and bucket feeding systems.

The Wynngold range is available at all Wynnstay Stores and Agricentres. For your local Calf Specialists details, click here

AdVance Calf Starter Feeds

  • Calves should be introduced to starter feed at 3 days of age
  • A good tip is to crumble a small amount of feed and place on the calf’s tongue after their milk feed. This will encourage calves to the feed and help early intakes
  • Offer starter feeds ad-lib but keep fresh
  • Ensure clean, fresh water is always on offer
  • Offer good quality straw at all times


This can be a stressful time for the calf and if not carried out properly can set back progress within the rearing programme. Criteria for weaning heifer calves are as follows:

  • Ensure calves have doubled birth weight before weaning
  • Calves must eat twice the amount of powder received e.g a calf receiving 900g a day of powder must be eating a minimum of 1.8kg Start ‘n’ Wean for 3 consecutive days before weaning
  • It is vital that calves have access to water, they will need to drink 4 litres of water to every 1kg of dry feed consumed
  • Calves should have doubled their birth weight
  • Calves should be consuming at least 1kg of feedstuff for 3 consecutive days prior to weaning
  • Calves to be weaned are healthy and free from disease

Rearing the Calf (Birth – 4 months)

It is perfectly achievable during the first 12 weeks to reach Daily Live Weight Gains (DLWG) of 800g-1kg. To achieve this, it is important that calves are fed a high quality milk powder and they
are fed at least 900g a day.

Automatic calf machines are becoming increasingly popular in a bid to capitalise on calves early high FCR. After weaning, ensure calves maintain a high plane of nutrition to avoid weaning set backs.

Once calves are 12 weeks old they can be transferred to a rearer nut and you can begin to introduce silage from 5-6 months old once the rumen has fully developed.

Wynnstay Calf Starter Feeds are suitable for all calf rearing systems, where early intakes and growth rates are required. For feeding from 3 days to 12 weeks of age.

Start ‘n’ Wean Nuts

The market leading, 18% protein, calf starter/creep nuts. Formulated for palatability and performance.

  • Sugar beet pulp and Molasses – natural sugars help growth of a healthy bacteria population to digest concentrate efficiently
  • Contains maize, wheat and barley – releasing starch at variable rates which is digested to create volatile fatty acids. These organic acids stimulate the growth of rumen papillae which grow longer in this healthy environment.
  • Nutritionally improved straw (NIS) – slows fermentation, prevents acid peaks and enables the rumen to extract, more nutrients. Encourages increased intakes and improved daily liveweight gain
  • Energy from specially selected unsaturated oils and fats
  • Contains Lactose
  • Hipro soya – highly digestible protein source, essential for growth
  • High levels of digestible undegradable protein (DUP)
  • Contains extra Vitamin E
  • Natural sweetener gives the nuts an attractive smell
  • Greenline™ health package – provides yeast, essential minerals, vitamins and nutraceuticals to boost immunity to help the calf overcome health challenges.
Super Krunch & Alfalfa

Extremely palatable 18% protein, coarse calf starter.

  • Alfalfa & NIS pellets provide digestible fibre to aid rapid rumen development, stimulate intake and ensure trouble-free weaning
  • Kibbled linseed flakes, micronised flaked beans and peas provide high levels of specific amino acids to meet the demands for high quality protein over the first few weeks of a calf’s life
  • High levels of digestible undegradable protein (DUP), ensuring rapid growth and efficient digestion.
Grow Krunch

Palatable 18% protein, coarse calf starter

  • Rolled barley and flaked maize for rapid, efficient growth particularly from weaning onwards
  • High digestible fibre sources to aid rapid rumen development. Stimulate and help ensure trouble-free weaning.
  • Kibbled linseed flakes, micronised flaked peas and beans, micronised flaked soya provide high levels of specific amino acids to meet the demands for high quality protein over the first few weeks of a calf’s life.
  • A specialist supplement is included ensuring good healthy performance.

6 Months to Calving:

  • Utilise forages as the primary basis of rations during this period
  • Feed concentrates only to balance the ration for the desired amount of daily gain
  • Analyse your forage so that quality is known, not estimated
  • Puberty is a function of weight, not age
  • Continue to maximise forages, feeding only concentrates to meet animal’s requirements.

Heifer Rearer Feeds

  • Wynnstay supply 3 quality compound feeds from 16%-20% protein
  • Can be fed with any forage or combination of forage
  • Feed from 10-12 weeks of age through to 8 weeks prior to calving

Heifer 600 Nuts + Biotin

  • High genetic merit
  • Straw and/or restricted silage
  • Contains Biotin for improved hoof strength

Rearer 18 Nuts

  • Medium to high genetic merit
  • Straw or silage should be offered as an addition

Rearer 16 Nuts + BioSprint

  • Medium to high genetic merit
  • Silage or hay should be offered as an addition
  • BioSprint for increased liveweight gain

PrimeBeef Feed

All beef feeds and supplements are supported by a dedicated team of specialists who have access to the latest beef rationing software, Diet Check Beef. Our sales specialists can help you choose the most appropriate feed for your system.

Our PrimeBeef™ feed range is formulated to produce maximum live weight gains and profit on all beef systems. The feeds are produced from wholesome ingredients with a large emphasis on home grown cereals. The diets are consistent and consumer friendly to meet the traceability requirements of retailers and processors

All PrimeBeef™ compound feeds contain ‘Biosprint’ live yeast which gives up to 10% increase in daily live weight gain.

Formulated with high levels of starch from home grown cereals, optimum levels of protein, with the addition of Biosprint live yeast, ensures PrimeBeef ™ feeds deliver performance that exceeds industry targets.

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